All new and returning players are REQUIRED to attend the Tryout. 

Tryouts will be CLOSED to spectators & family members. Only coaches "Registered to Coach" and Grafton High School basketball team personnel will be allowed in the Gym.


Player evaluations will be conducted by the Head Coach, Assistant Coaches and a panel of Grafton High School basketball coaches. Coaches evaluations are confidential. NOTE: all coaches participating in the program will submit and pass a background check immediately following tryouts.


Coaches will run the stations during the Tryout. 


The process of selecting the team will take place as the players are participating in station work and game play. After evaluating the kids during the drills, each coach and panel member will rank the players top to bottom and make their recommendations for teams. The ranking will be sorted and a teams  will be determined.


Teams will be decided and communicated within 2 days of Tryouts.


Players/Families will have until time determined by the team coach to decide if they will accept the invitation to represent the Grafton Hoops Basketball Team. If an invitation is declined, then the next highest ranked player and/or player closest to that player's position will be invited to participate.



A second team at any level may be established if there are enough players AND coaches to make this additional team.  Starting with the 2019-20 Season, if there are enough players and coaches for two 3rd Grade teams, the teams will be split equally by talent (and position) and will remain equally split each year through 8th grade (or until the Grafton Hoops Board, with the guidance of the Grafton High School head coach, decides otherwise).  The teams will be re-equalized each year at tryouts.  All other grade levels previously-established formats are grandfathered in, whether they are A (Orange) and B (Black) OR split equally.  The Grafton Hoops Board is able to approve a change from an A and B format to split equally based on coach request, but a previously split equally team cannot go back to an A and B format.  Coaches may also request Grafton Hoops Board approval to take equally split teams to WYBL and then combine the top performing players from each team into one "tournament team."