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* The Winter Developmental League begins for grades K-3. It is such a hit that the Summer Developmental League is started as well. The D-League is still running strong and has become the foundation of Grafton Basketball for grades 1-6.

* Junior Black Hawk Basketball Program is established by Joseph Hildebrand and Bob Maronde , both of Grafton - it is open to all boys in grades K-8.
* Blue Fuel Marketing & Karen Tooley donates their services and develops the Junior Black Hawk Basketball logo. 
* Joseph Hildebrand assumes the role of youth basketball coordinator

* Marked the 1st official year of the Junior Black Hawk program. 
* Practices are housed at John Long Middle School
* During this season, there were 5 boys teams representing Grafton on a traveling team (Grades: 3rd, 4th, two teams in 5th, and 6th).
* Teams participated in tournaments throughout Wisconsin & competed at a high level (see "Past Success" Link).
* 5th & 6th Grade represented Grafton at the State level

* Boys Traveling Teams expanded to 6 teams - Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th, two in 6th, and 7th.
* 4th-7th entered the WYBL for the first time where they competed in league play based on each teams competitive make-up and level (4th-A /5th-B+/6th-A/6th-C/7th-B)
* Teams participated in tournaments throughout Wisconsin.
* 5th-7th Grade represented Grafton at the State level

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